The mission of the Antigua & Barbuda Olympic Association is to develop and protect the Olympic Movement in Antigua and Barbuda, in accordance with the Olympic Charter. The ABOA will cooperate with Governmental and Non-Governmental bodies, in order to fulfill its mission. The ABOA shall not, under any circumstance, associate with any activity which contravenes the Olympic Charter.


ABOA Executive Members

The Executive Committee Members:

President – Hon. E. P Chet Greene, MP
1st Vice President – Mr. Wilbur Harrigan, OBE
2nd Vice President – Dr. Philmore Benjamin
3rd Vice President – Mr. Phillip Isaacs
Secretary General – Mr. Cliff L. Williams
Treasurer – Mr. Neville Fenton
Executive Member – Mr. Daryll Matthew
Executive Member – Mr. Joel Rayne
Executive Member – Ms. Kelesha Antoine
Executive Member – Mrs. Jo-Ann Small
Executive Member – Mr. Jules Bowen
Executive Member – Mr. Everton Cornelius


Ms. Alisha Francis

Statutes of the Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Committee


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