Mrs. Yvette E.G. Francis, 2nd Vice President of the Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Association was the delegate to the training/seminar on WOMEN and SPORT for AMERICAS, held in Mexico City, Mexico from 26 – 28 October 2012.

This Seminar/training facilitated by a team of professional trainers was organized to motivate women holding senior positions in National Federations or NOCs. It was the intention of the seminar to train these women to move towards taking higher positions in their respective NOCs. According to the statutes on the IOC, each NOC should have a minimum of 20% women representation on its Executive. This has not been so in many cases; hence this seminar, THE PATH to SUCCESS, is to be used as a mobilization tool in the various NOCs.

The IOC Training/Seminar for Women in Sport, Mexico was a huge success.  The delegates were thoroughly energized by the sessions, which were presented in an unusual manner since it called for total and complete participation by each member.

Mrs. Francis would like to thank the ABOA Executives for affording her the opportunity to  participate in such a forum and has openly offered her availability to pass on the knowledge gleaned to any woman who is interested in being a part of the Olympic movement.

The training provided additional skills in self leadership as well as raising further awareness on the necessity of promoting women’s participation in sports at all levels.


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  1. kenna johnson says:

    Mrs. Francis I commend you for your efforts,in supporting and encouraging “Women in Sports”.I am from the Bahamas and my particular sport is amateur boxing I am the assistant Secretary for my Federation.While we face many challenges in this sport there are some improvement.,Thanks to you and your team I am motivated.

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