The 2014 Digicel, Cool & Smooth ABBA Business League began on September 15th with 17 registered teams competing for the title at two locations, YMCA and JSC Sports Complex. The league came to an end on Wednesday 5th November, 2014 with Kennedys Blue Diamond emerging 2014 Business League Playoff Champions in a 2-0 sweep over APUA Head Office.

The top performers for the 2014 season were:

  • League Champion – CIBC/First Caribbean International Bank with a win/loss record of 15-1
  • 2nd place – Digicel Antigua with a win/loss record of 14-2
  • 3rd place- Kennedys Blue Diamond with a win loss/record of 14-2

Individual awards were given to:

  • Most Points in League – Ishan Peets of CIBC/FCIB
  • Most Disciplined Player – Kareem Floyd of Antigua Barbuda Airport Authority
  • Biggest Shot of the League – Winston Drew of Digicel Antigua
  • Longest 3-point Bomber – Russell Daley of CIBC/FCIB
  • Most 3 point baskets in a game
  • Chaz Samuel of Kennedys Blue Diamond
  • Michael Roach of CIBC/FCIB
  • Most Disciplined Team – Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority
  • Spirit of the Game Award – APUA Water
  • Most Outstanding Player in League – George Francis of Digicel Antigua
  • Most Valuable Player in League – Ishan Peets of CIBC/FCIB
  • Playoff Champions – Kennedys Blue Diamond
  • Most Valuable Player in Playoffs – Xavier Meade of Kennedys Blue Diamond

Coach’s awards were also presented as follows:

  • Murrain of Antigua Barbuda Airport Authority
  • Junie Sheppard of Kennedys Blue Diamond
  • Marlon George of Digicel Antigua
  • Shomarie Bascus of 3Ds

The ABBA Executive is very happy with the success of the 2014 season and would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Knight the league coordinators for an exceptional job.

The 2015 ABBA National League is schedule to begin on January 18th, 2015 at the JSC Sports Complex convening at 6:30pm. Visit the ABABA’s Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter for updates.




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